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Hill Climb Racing

This is a great game..I am not Complaining I just can Have some suggestions for The Next update, first off you shouldnt add Where You play online multiplayer with friends (drag race) That Would make this game a lot more Cool. Also if you add multiplayer tournaments Because You shouldnt add Where You only get from winning tournaments unusual cars.

Lots of versions to choose from
For Version 1.29.0:
Additional new game level: Seasonal
Have Some minor errors corrected Arise and updated Several improvements
Version 1.28.0:
Additional new vehicles: Electric vehicles
Version 1.27.0:
Additional new game levels: In factory
version 1.26.1:
Additional new cars: Hot Rod
Repairs Upgrades
version 1.25.1:
Have Some errors corrected collision
version 1.25.0:
Additional new game levels: Mysterious Ragnarok
Updated Several improvements
version 1.24.0:
Additional new car: Car Fire
Some Have repaired broken fan in nuclear plants
Update Some minor improvements
There are Many interesting you shoulds explores!

Link download here:  http://hill-climb-racing.net/

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